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white button mushroom






White button mushroom
As it perfectly harmonizes with all kinds of ingredients, it can be used for all mushroom dishes like soups, sauces, stuffed or in salads.


chestnut mushroom






Chestnut mushroom
It is uniquely rich in flavours and aromas, it is perfect in raw for salads.








It is a large (8-11 cm), opened cap chestnut mushroom. Due to its meaty texture, it is a great and healthy meat alternative for both vegans and meat lovers.


oyster mushroom






Oyster mushroom
It has pepper and anise-like character. It goes well with grilled meats, pizzas and pastas, but as its essential aminoacid content is very significant, it is ideal as meat substitutes in meatballs and meatloafs.








It is an Eastern-Asian mushroom variety. It is rich in protein, potassium, zinc, leucine and lysine amino acids.


king oyster mushroom






King oyster mushroom
It is also calles as mushroom steak’ or ‘vegan scallop’ due to the meaty texture of its stem.


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